Major e-Governance Public Administration e-Governance Management Engineering
Master e거버넌스행정학 석사
e-Governance行政學 碩士
Master of e-Governance Public Administration
e거버넌스관리공학 석사
e-Governance管理工學 碩士
Master of e-Governance Management Engineering
Ph.D e거버넌스행정학 박사
e-Governance行政學 博士
e거버넌스관리공학 박사
e-Governance管理工學 博士

Course List

Division Program Course Code Course Credit Taught in English
Master (required subject) Global e-Governance Basics GLO5001 Introduction to e-Governance 3.0 o
GLO5002 Research Design method 3.0 o
Doctoral (required subject) Global e-Governance Basics GLO5003 Global e-Business Management 3.0 o
GLO5004 IT-based Management Innovation 3.0 o
GLO5005 Strategic Information Design 3.0 o
Elective Course Public Administration Area GLO7001 Performance Management for Public Organization 3.0 o
GLO7002 Citizen Engagement in Government 3.0 o
GLO7004 Global ICT Policy 3.0 o
GLO7006 Public Sector Financial Governance 3.0 o
GLO7007 Communication of Innovation 3.0 o
GLO7008 Cross-cultural Communication 3.0 o
GLO7018 Korean Electronic Government 3.0 o
GLO7019 Public Policy and Governance 3.0 o
GLO7022 Internet Ideology and Governance 3.0 o
Management Engineering Area GLO7009 Knowledge Management Innovation 3.0 o
GLO7010 Social Media Business 3.0 o
GLO7011 Sustainable e-Business Seminar 3.0 o
GLO7020 International Negotiation and Lobbying Theory and Practice 3.0 o
GLO7021 International e-governance cooperation 3.0 o
GLO7012 Introduction to the Internet 3.0 o
GLO7014 Knowledge Property Database 3.0 o
GLO7016 Introduction to e-Governance Artificial Intelligence 3.0 o
GLO7017 Cloud Computing Fundamentals and Big Data Analytics 3.0 o

In Public Administration area, it is required that master course takes 9 credits, 12 credits for Ph.D.
In Management Engineering area, it is required that master course takes 9 credits, 12 credits for Ph.D.